This rogue is known throughout the southwest for his diabolical exploits. Sadly, none of them have proved fruitful. He has failed at robbing banks, trains, stagecoaches...even stealing candy from a baby. Yet, he doesn't give up.

Portrayed by John Scott, a former Broadway and television actor, and co-owner of Arizona Ghostriders. He and his wife Rita live in Tucson.

John recently appeared in Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 1 & 2C-Bar, and Common Threads.


Arizona Red

A rapscallion for sure. Known for his quick temper and quicker gun. A leader of outlaws who are restricted only by their mental capacity.

Portrayed by Steven Hobbs, an Arizona native, who knows the land like the back of his hand. He holds the distinction of being a former Arizona Ranger, as well as being co-owner of Arizona Ghostriders. His wife Shirley is a proud mother to a coop of vicious chickens. Steve recently appeared in Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2 and C-Bar.




Cactus Jack
A nefarious outlaw who has terrorized the territory since the War of Northern Aggression. This miscreant has been responsible for some of the greatest mine robberies in this part of the country. Trouble is, he can't remember where he hid the loot.

Portrayed by Jack Rendon, a long time actor in westerns such as The GamblerAppaloosa, C-Bar, and High Chaparral. His wife, Alice, is a great supporter and funny as heck.


Bart Mudd and the Colorado Kid

These menaces to society make up integral elements of the Sweeney Gang. Bart is a happy-go-lucky outlaw, more interested in having fun than robbing banks. The Kid is much the same, yet craftier. Also, we can't get him to stop growing. Soon he won't fit on any wanted poster...which is probably a good thing for desperadoes.

Portrayed by Chris and Joey Sweeney, father and son. Other elements of the Sweeney Gang are wife Jen and daughter Didi. They are a bunch of sweethearts, which is not usually a winning trait for an outlaw horde.




Dirty Dan
A vicious reprobate who learned his trade from riding with the likes of Bloody Bill Anderson's Bushwhackers, Dan has been known to hire on with the side that pays the most. Regrettably, it's never the winning side.

Portrayed by Dan Ray, a Missouri native who enjoys sculpting in clay, iron horses, and a fine cigar. Dan lives in Tucson with Doreen (the love of his life), Buddy the Wonder Dog, and his brothers Manny and Boo the cats. He has recently appeared in Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2, Dead Men The Series, Ride the Lightning-Vengeance, Cassidy Red, and Common Threads.



Ricochet Rita

A true bandit queen. Capable of kicking a rear or two...and she makes a delicious cookie. Ricochet appears in performances occasionally when needed, but is mostly content with executing costume ideas that no one else has come up with. No, Rita, we can't do a Snoopy costume. Charles Schultz wasn't born until 1922.

Portrayed by Rita Scott, school teacher, wife to John, and mother to Siri the Wonder Cat.




Miss Lily
Miss Lily is a master of disguise. Depending on the job at hand, she can be a saloon hostess, a society lady, or even a ruthless bandit. She once made a mustache out of a lock of her long blonde hair. Um...guess you had to be there.

Portrayed by Mary Seppala. Mary and her husband, Larry, run L.M.R. Automotive in Cordes Lakes.  When she has available time she rides her horses (not all at the same time) and enoys her 13 grandchildren. Wow.


Our Amazing Behind-The-Sceners

Without these people, the group would fall into certain disarray. Creatives, costumers, organizers, critics, historians, and even a Flamenco dancer. Thank you Jen, Didi, Shirley, and Alice.



We'd also like to include the folks who have jumped in and helped us out in the past. Fearless souls, the lot of them.

Thanks James Lovin, Daryl O'Neill, Eddie Perez, Pete Noblock, David Grassé, Batjac JW and Gary Welborn. Looking forward to working with you all again!