Arizona Ghostriders, an Old West entertainment troupe, was founded in 2005 by Jim and Donna Wells. The core ensemble was a talented bunch of reenactors and performers who put their creative minds together and came up with a plan for success.

Today we are a premier entertainment group in Arizona. We've won numerous awards for our performance and costuming and continue to entertain the masses at events across the state. 

Historic settings like Prescott, Tombstone, Yuma, Superior, Sahuaro Ranch, Empire Ranch, Rawhide, Old Tucson Studios, and Harker's Old West Museum are keen to our antics.

We are dedicated to preserving the spirit of the Old West, and we have fun doing it. Since we are handling firearms, safety is a main concern. Each member is trained on the use of all weapons and our safety officers oversee the loading and unloading of all guns. Arizona Ghostriders is fully insured by Shoff Darby.